Stretched along the southern coast of Portugal, visitors will find the Algarve, once a kingdom all its own, looking out over the vast Atlantic Ocean. Its lush and fragrant vegetation and beautiful wildlife make the region a joy for the senses.

Sagres and the Atlantic
Sagres & the Atlantic Ocean

Sagres, the south-western tip of Europe, played an important role in the Age of Discovery as the base for Prince Henry the Navigator's quest to explore trade routes between Europe and the East. Remains of the fortress thought to be Prince Henry's "school of navigation" still exist. Sitting on a cliff top looking out over the endless sea, it is easy to understand how his doubters were convinced it was the end of the earth.

Principal City: Faro
Algarve Airport: Faro

Those who can tear themselves away from the devastatingly beautiful beaches may board a traditional fishing boat from Armacao de Pera beach, cruise along the breathtaking coastline and explore local sea caves. A train ride through the countryside lets you spend the day strolling through craft shops, museums and ancient buildings in Faro Old Town.

Silves Castle
Silves Castle   Photo: João Paulo

In Silves, a medieval sandstone castle, the largest castle in the Algarve, draws many visitors to its well-fortified gates, halls and towers. Later, a stroll through the Spa Village of Caldes de Monchique will allow you to stop and enjoy some of the bounteous fresh local seafood.

Whether or not you collect a few mementos created by local weavers, potters, tinsmiths and carvers from your trip to this wonderful region, it is not a journey to be soon forgotten.

Cities and Towns of the Algarve

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