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Destination Belgium A visit to Belgium should invariably include the historic city of Bruges, the capital of West Flanders. The old section of this popular Belgian city includes medieval architecture and canals that are of great interest to many travellers. More Belgium


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Hungary Once upon a time, Hungary and its capital at Budapest were Europe's gateway to the mystical lands of the East. Today, Hungary retains its enchantment while proving a most wonderful destination for travellers who are anxious to sample a unique culture that retains its old-world charm. More Hungary


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Spain is one of the cultural centres of the world. Spanish history still lives in its many palaces and castles which reflect the cultures that have passed through Spain. The Moor occupation left stunning monuments particularly More Spain


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Greece Greece, in southeast Europe, occupies the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsular. The Aegean Sea is to the east, the Ionian to the west with the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Regarded by many as the cradle of western civilisation and the birthplace of democracy.… More Greece


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Croatia Most recently a section of former Yugoslavia, Croatia is a new nation, but its people have a long and tumultuous history. Travelling to Croatia these days means finding an enthusiastic culture full of national pride and a landscape that is stunning and full of wonder. Croatia Guide


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