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Famed for its flamenco music, bull fights and beaches Spain also offers visitors beautiful cities, historical monuments as well as interesting modern architecture.

Spain is one of the cultural centres of the world. Spanish history still lives in its many palaces and castles which reflect the cultures that have passed through Spain. The Moor occupation left stunning monuments particularly in Andalucia. The great mosque of Cordoba and Granada's Alhambra being two of the most visited.

The diversity is also reflected in the languages in use in Spain. Although Castilian Spanish is spoken by the majority, Catalan/Valencian (a blend of Spanish French and Italian) is spoken on the eastern coast between Valencia and Gerona with the Galician and Basque languages spoken in their respective provinces.

Spanish flag Capital: Madrid
Language: Castilian Spanish
Time: GMT +1 hr
Currency: euro (EUR)
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Spain occupies approximately 80% of the Iberian Peninsular (the remainder is occupied by Portugal) in the southwest of Europe. Portugal lies to the west with France and Andorra, separated by the Pyrenees, to the north.

Mainland Spain has varied landscapes; green and fertile plains surrounded by rugged arid hills and of course there are the long Mediterranean beaches of the Costa Brava and Costa Blanca. Additionally the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza) in the Mediterranean Sea and the seven Canary Islands in Atlantic Ocean close to the Moroccan coast provide yet another personality to Spain.

By day there are splendid museums, art galleries, historical sites, superb beaches and magnificent snow-capped mountains. Nightlife in Spain is provided by numerous lively nightclubs, tapas bars, outdoor cafes as well as restaurants of world renown.

Folklore plays an important part in Spanish life and the Spaniards are particularly fond of fiesta and carnival which reflect the joy of living that you can feel in Spain.

Spanish Regions or Provinces (17)

Andalucia | Aragon | Asturias (Principality) | Balearic Islands | Basque Country | Canary Islands | Cantabria | Castilla - La Mancha | Castilla y Leon | Catalonia & Costa Brava | Extremadura | Galicia | Madrid | Murcia | Navarra | La Rioja | Valencian Community & Costa Blanca