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Travelling to Bermuda

Flights to Bermuda

Bermuda has only one airport - Bermuda International Airport (BDA). Only scheduled commerial flights operate from the airport, there are no charter flights. Direct scheduled flights are from Canada, the USA or London Gatwick (the only European airport to serve Bermuda directly).

Bermuda Airport does not have a boarding bridge or jetway from the terminal and passengers embark and disembark via a ramp and walk to or from airport and terminal. A fully enclosed and air-conditioned disabled passenger transporter is available for wheelchair bound passengers.

Transportation to and from the airport is by taxi, pre-arranged minibus or private car. Car hire is not available on Bermuda and the local bus service is not equiped to carry luggage.

Cruise to Bermuda

A cruise is popular way of visiting the island. There are many cruise lines offering a variety of packages to Bermuda.

Bermuda Travel