Bermuda is a group of about 138 small islands lying in the North Atlantic Ocean approximately 900 kilometres east of the US state of North Carolina. A self-governing Overseas Territory of the UK Bermuda has become a popular destination for US, Canadian and British tourists looking to escape their winters. With some of the most beautiful beaches in the world it is not hard to understand why. The eight largest islands are connected by causeways and bridges and are collectively known by locals as 'the island'.

As well as the tourism business Bermuda is also an important offshore financial centre and is often referred to as a tax or corporate haven.

Bermudian flag Capital: Hamilton
Language: English (official) & Portuguese
Time: UTC -4 hrs
Currency: Bermudian dollar (BMD)

To North American visitors Bermudians appear British with their custom of cricket playing. Queen Elisabeth II is on the Bermudian Dollar banknote, distances are quoted in metres and petrol is priced by the litre. To the British visitor Bermuda appears more American with television from the US and the English language sounds similar to American English, although Bermudian English has a characteristic all its own.

Bermudians are well known for their formality and etiquette is important. It is considered bad manners to address someone without first greeting them with a 'good morning' or 'good afternoon' Dress codes are also conservative and Bermudan shorts are often worn with a jacket and tie. Topless sunbathing is illegal in Bermuda.

Although formal in dress and manners Bermuda is a friendly and welcoming destination for a relaxing break.

Bermuda's attractions are its wonderful beaches, coral reefs and subtropical climate.

A beautiful Bermudian beach scene
Pink hued sand & turquoise sea!

The beaches of Bermuda are simply wonderful with fine, pink hued sand from its coral reef, turquoise water between the beaches and reefs and beyond the coral reefs the deep blue ocean. Understandably Bermuda is popular for beach weddings and honeymoons.

The climate of Bermuda is sub-tropical with mild winters. The summer months between June and November can be uncomfortably hot and humid with hurricanes a possibility. When a hurricane strikes Bermuda damage is often superficial due to the strict building laws although electrical outages can happen.

Bermuda has its own unique architecture. Traditional Bermudian buildings have thick stone walls to withstand hurricanes, roofs of white painted local limestone where rainwater is funnelled into underground tanks for use as domestic water (Bermuda has no natural supply of freshwater) and green shutters on windows as a protections from the strong winds which are common in winter.

Bermudian Parishes

Devonshire | Hamilton | Paget | Pembroke | Saint George's | Sandys | Smith's | Southampton | Warwick