Seychelles for the Independent Traveller

View through coconut palms, over Anse Victorin beach, Fregate Island
Frégate Island

When 15th-century sailors discovered rare coco-de-mer seeds from a native palm tree floating in the sea, the suggestive male and female shapes of the nuts lead many to believe they represented the origin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Little did they know then how close that legend was to the truth - the 115 island chain of Seychelles truly are a garden paradise filled with mystery and romance.

The largest island of Mahé is the first stop for eager holiday-goers, and its white sand beaches, fascinating botanical garden, cinnamon plantations and surrounding coral reefs are a great place to start. But don't stop there.

Praslin Island boasts rich, lush foliage, intricate flowers, exotic wildlife and unique pink granite boulders giving the landscape a surreal feel, as if you've stepped into a dreamy other world. Let the notion sweep you up as you revel in days filled with relaxed exploration, perhaps by horseback or in a glass-bottomed boat. Play a round of golf on a course of unparalleled beauty, or hire a local tour guide to show you amazing island features most tourists miss.

Don't wear yourself out sightseeing, though, because Seychelles has a very active nightlife. Casinos lure hopeful players and discotheques fill with revellers wiling away the wee hours amid swaying palm trees and island-inspired dancers, only to awaken the next morning in paradise.

Could this idyllic locale truly be the legendary Garden of Eden? As you wistfully depart, you'll be convinced it is so.

Seychellois flag Capital: Victoria
Languages: Creole, English & French
Time: GMT +4 hrs
Currency: Seychelles rupee (SCR)
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