Tuscany photo
The Tuscan hills

Visitors to the fertile hills of Italy's Tuscany region marvel at the lush green countryside broken only by an occasional farmhouse, castle or nestled little town. Dozens of natural parks are scattered across the area, as are rows and rows of grape vines, hosts to the jewels used to produce the regions renowned Chianti wines.

Like so much of Italy, Tuscany is laden with architectural wonders. San Biagio Church, located just below the lovely hill town of Montepulciano, is considered one of the most significant structures of the Renaissance. The elegant city of Lucca, once the capital city of Tuscany, is home to a grand Romanesque cathedral built in 1060.

Fornovolasco photo
Fornovolasco, North of Lucca

While Tuscany is well known for its wineries and architecture, it is also full of the unexpected. Fedora-topped cowboys herd long-horned maremmano bulls through the golden wheat fields of Maremma, a southwestern part of Tuscany that boasts naturally heated springs. To the east, you'll find Castel del Piano, the center of a group of well-preserved medieval towns worth exploring.


Principal City: Florence
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The outdoor market at Piazza Grande in Arezzo is like none you've seen elsewhere. After finding a few antique treasures to bring back home, stop by the nearby church of San Francesco to see the magnificent frescoes. And don't be surprised if you happen upon one of Tuscany's frequent festivals or street fairs during your holiday. They just add to the old-world charm of this most enchanting region.

Districts (Provinces) & Towns of Tuscany (Toscana)

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